2020Cold district heating network with geothermal

Basic Engineering for a cold district heating network with geothermal heat source and consumer-side heat pumps.

2020Extension of an energy center with refrigeration

Basic engineering and tender for the extension of an energy center with 1.8 MW cooling capacity for the public utility company Böblingen.

2020Plant engineering for a photobioreactor

Design/production of the technical specification as well as detail engineering for a photobioreactor for the production of microalgae.

2020Concept study extension of the feed water treatment plant

Extension of the existing feed water treatment plant with pretreatment, desalination, degassing, residual desalination of TWL AG Ludwigshafen.

2019CHP plant conversion

Conversion of a gas-fired CHP plant into a heating plant with 50 MWth and upgrade for BOB72 operation, feed-in to district heating network, adaptation of the burners to emission protection requirements.
Frankfurt a. M.

2019–20Climate-neutral district heating network

District heating network, approx. 5 MW, 1.5 km, to supply schools, public and private buildings with climate-neutral energy feed-in from wood chips, solar thermal energy and CHP waste heat for the Bruchsal municipal utility.

2019–20Downstream processing for the production of astaxanthin

Downstream processing for the production of the food supplement astaxanthin with digestion, storage, drying, TGA, EMSR.

2018Cooling water/refinery gas supply Gas power plant

Gas power plant basic and detail engineering for 2 new gas power plants for the supply of a refinery.

2018Plant for sewage sludge incineration

Basic engineering for a plant for sewage sludge incineration with approx. 9 MW for MVV in Dinkelsbühl

2018Biomass cogeneration plant Agricultural residues

Biomass cogeneration plant with 28 MW combustion heat output with fuel storage, fuel preparation, waste heat utilization. Fuel: Residues from agriculture (HTK, cow dung) Reed.
Bolvadin, Turkey

2017Thermochemical storage power plant

Basic engineering for a thermochemical storage power plant for the injection and withdrawal of electricity from volatile energy sources using the NaComPex process.

2017–19Infrastructure extension for automobile manufacturers

General planning services for local heating (9 MW) and local cooling (7 MW) including technical centers, fire extinguishing, drinking and sprinkler water including energy channel for supplying technical buildings.

2017NaOH storage power plant for BW-Energiesysteme GmbH

NaOH storage power plant for storing electricity and heat from renewable energies
Basic engineering and profitability analysis for a caustic soda storage power plant using the NACOMPEX process

2017–18Technical building equipment of a laboratory for EnBW AG; RDK 8

Technical building equipment for a water laboratory
Basic-/Detail-engineering, tendering, supervision of construction for gas, water, waste water, ventilation and air conditioning of several laboratory rooms

2017–18Local heating network for Porsche AG

Local heating network to supply production, test and office buildings
1.5 km local heating network for production and office buildings on the plant site. Course in a new energy channel, planning of the extension of the heating system with a 9 MW boiler

2017–18Local cooling network for Porsche AG

Local cooling network for supplying office buildings
Basic-/Detail Engineering, tender for 1 km local cooling network for the supply of office buildings in new and existing energy channels. Including MSR and water treatment.

2017–18Technical center for cooling supply for Porsche AG

Planning of a technical center for cooling supply
Basic-/Detail Engineering for 3 technical centers for the supply of office cooling via a local cooling network, capacity 6.5 MW. Tender for 1 technical center.

2016–17Block-type thermal power station for the Saarland University Hospital

2 × 2,7 MW electric
360 m³ heat storage
Concept and preliminary planning, design planning, approval planning, implementation planning, preparation and participation in the awarding of contracts, site supervision, support during the first year of operation

2016–17Turbine for Althammer GmbH & Co. KG

English text.

2015Power-to-Heat system for Enerstorage Zielitz

Integration of a Power-to-Heat system into the existing power supply and media system of an industrial company
Power: 15 MWel
Basic and detail engineering, preparation of tender documents

2015Ventilation system for MAN Truck & Bus AG, Munich

Refurbishment of the ventilation systems of various halls including methane gas warning system
Basic/detail engineering and tendering

2014Gas pipeline for special purpose association RBB (Restmüllheizkraftwerk) Böblingen

Gas pipeline planning for residual waste cogeneration plant
Planning, tender text, contract award recommendation, execution supervision

2014Container handling facility of the Deutsche Bahn BUNG Cologne / DB Duisburg

With hbb heck Brandschutz & Bauconsult
Structural engineering design of a container handling plant operating building incl. fire water system at the track field
Detailed planning, preparation of specifications, production and installation supervision, commissioning

2014Coal dust ducts for Alstom Melnik (Czech Republic)

Pressure and temperature loaded coal dust ducts
Design and factory planning

2013–17Biomass CHP plant waste wood

Energetically optimized power and heat generation from waste wood with 25.5 MWel, waste gas purification, fuel preparation and storage.
Ridham Dock, UK

2012Wastewater treatment plant for EnviroChemie Roßdorf

Waste water treatment plant of a petrochemical food industry
throughput: 250 m³/h
Detailed planning, scheme correction, material and I/O lists, cause and effect diagram
For: Sinopec Saudi Kayan
Location: Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia)

2012–13Wastewater and exhaust air treatment for EnviroChemie Roßdorf

Sludge tank and exhaust air scrubber for the aluminium industry
Throughput: 620 m³/h (max. 130°C)
Detailed planning, material selection for construction, pre-installation
For: Outotec
Location: Ma'aden (Saudi Arabia)

2012–16Biomass power plant for MVV Umwelt O&M GmbH

Power: 25.5 MWel
For waste wood of categories AI to AIII according to Renewable Obligation Order and Climate Change Levy (CCL)
Management of the project as project director for all work phases from including approval planning
Location: Ridham Dock, Sittingbourne (Great Britain)

2011–12Wastewater treatment EnviroChemie Roßdorf

Standard ammonia stripper
throughput: 3-15 m³/h
Detailed planning, material selection, price calculation

2006–11Biomass cogeneration plant for teGRa Holz- und Energie AG, Domat/Ems, Switzerland

Commissioning of biomass cogeneration plant 38 MW thermal capacity
Project management, construction management and coordination of commissioning for the 3rd block of the biomass cogeneration plant (wood chips)